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Extreme Temperature Blanket for Eglu Cube MK2 Blue

by Omlet

The Eglu Cube has a unique twin walled construction but for the ultimate protection for your hens this insulating blanket is just the thing. Filled with a heat trapping recycled material that is breathable, the blankets keep your pets warm and protected from the worst that the weather can throw at them.

This purpose designed chicken coop cover is easy to fit; simply secure to the run with the supplied bungees (if you don't have a run, use the bungees to wrap around the frame legs) and then pull the drawstrings tight for a perfect fit.

The rear panel remains accessible and so does the dropping tray. To access the egg port simply release the bungees and lift the cover. Similarly the front door can be opened and closed just by releasing the drawstring.

Can be used on an Eglu Cube MK2 with or without a run.

Exact material and eyelet specification may vary.

Design Registered.


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Packed Product Details

Weight: 1.930 kg

Height: 56 cm

Width: 56 cm

Length: 4 cm

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My Girls Stayed Warm! - Debi, Cleveland,

We don’t have much real bad weather in Texas but when we do it’s brutal. It can be sunshine and 70 today and 20 icy degrees tomorrow. I was not prepared but Omlet came through! The Extreme Temperature Blanket did an amazing job of keeping the coup warm. Since I was woefully unprepared for such a drastic change in weather conditions it thankfully went on quickly as I installed in heavy sleet conditions. The blanket stayed in place without issues. It certainly did wonders for my peace of mind too. It does make morning egg collections a bit more challenging since the side door is covered too but collecting eggs out the back was manageable. Our Omlet has been just what we needed and as a newcomer to chickens I really appreciate all the helpful information they provide.

good buy - Reba, Cleveland,

purchase to help keep the cube warm in the cold winter months, our temps have been minus degrees for 3 days and is doing what was said it would keeping the gunieas warm. Would recommend this product

This reviewer has 4-6 guniea hens pets

Blue Blanket - Daniela, Cleveland,

I bought this blanket at the end of 2021 before the cold weather set in. The inside of the blanket has a warm cosy padded feel with a water repellent outer. Very easy to install even if you haven't purchased the bottom cage part of the cube. The pegs wrap around the cube legs and the draw strings pull either end to make it snug. The egg collection door can be easily accessed. I can feel happy that my hennies are lovely and warm. Brilliant buy.

This reviewer has 2-4 Rescued barn hens ro pets

Spoiled Ladies! - Shari, Cleveland,

The extreme winter blanket seemed pricey to me, but after receiving it I realize how well it’s made. It fits the Eglu perfectly!! Even though we don’t experience extreme winters in SoEast Louisiana, I wanted to make sure my young girls would be comfortable this winter. The blanket will last for years to come.

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