Give your chickens some extra bite!

Chickens don't have any teeth, so in order to extract maximum goodness from the food they eat they need grit. Not just any old grit either, a hard sharp flint is best - of about 3-5mm diameter (like the ones used in stone age dentistry). This handy tub of mixed grit also contains soluble calcium (in the form of oyster and other sea shells) which will ensure your hens only lay the robust egg shells like the ones your grandfather has probably told you about. This packet would last two hens a couple of months, just add a handfull to the feed once a week.

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Weight: 1.440 kg

Height: 7 cm

Width: 17 cm

Length: 20 cm

Brand: Omlet (359 Products)

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5 star service. - Richard,

Chicken Grit - Lynne,

A lovely mix, and a strong package.

They don't like the mixed grit. - Jill,

My chickens pick out the oyster shell but leave the little round stones so I probably won't buy this product again. They are too many stones. On the other hand they love your feed and mixed corn.

Looks a good mix and our hens do eat it - Clare, Derbyshire,

I was a bit dubious at first as the hens seemed to completely ignore it. However, 2 weeks later, we see the hens regularly take bits of grit and we've spotted it in their droppings. Their eggs are perfectly formed and shells are strong. Would recommend this.

Our hens now love this! - Clare,

My original review only gave 3 stars as our hens seemed indifferent to this. We've had our chickens 2 weeks and they are definitely now enjoying this; I've seen then take it from the hoppers and can see it in their droppings. Great mixed grit.