Chickens go mad for corn and it is great for feeding to hungry hens as an afternoon treat. This is a special organic mix of wheat and maize, blended by the eggsperts at Omlet, which we know your chickens will love. It'll turn their yolks a lovely deep colour too. Eggcellent!

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Weight: 10.000 kg

Height: 48 cm

Width: 40 cm

Length: 24 cm

Brand: Omlet (734 Products)

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Chickens love it! - Devon,

Chickens seem to love it!

Very popular with the girls -

My chickens absolutely love the stuff, in fact I get mobbed every time I get near the run with their afternoon scoop - my word the go mad for it and it shows in their eggs, they are the most beautiful yellow!!

The girls love this! -

My new chickens absolutely adore this mix. a real hit and within a week they were sitting on laps almost begging for it.

My girls love this -

Have to say my girls go mad for this. Absolutely love it for their afternoon treat

chickens love it! -

as a chicken newbie i purchased this bag of corn as recommended by other owners and because i understood that it made their yolks lovely and yellow- my three ladies get a handful between them most evenings and it is the highlight of the day- they only have to see me dive into the shed to get some and they start squawking and clucking madly- it is also extremely useful for persuading them back home into the run after their daily free range! - and yes their yolks are golden yellow.