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12 Litre Combination Drinker (with legs)

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This Combination Drinker can hold 12 litres of water and is suitable for a large flock of adult chickens. It is a tough, gravity fed drinker that it is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Although it is most suitable as a ground standing drinker, the heavy duty handle doubles up as a hanger if you wish to hang it up.

This drinker is very easy to use and clean and it is suitable for a variety of poultry breeds. If you wish to use it as a ground standing drinker simply attached the push fit legs which will raise the reservoir by 3 inches, reducing the chance of contamination.

Water should always be topped up when necessary as it is important that chickens always have access to a supply of fresh water.

Please note that this drinker is unsuitable for chicks.

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12 Litre Combination Drinker (with legs)

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Hen drinker
Its a nice product, rather better than others we've used and reasonably priced. The only reason I've given it 4 stars instead of 5 is that it would have been handy to include assembly and usage instructions (or did I miss something). For example the legs require a knack to install with a fair amount of force involved. Similarly the bayonet type lock between top and bottom needs a bit of practice to get used to, especially holding the rather smooth domed top whilst inverted.
Review for: 12 Litre Combination Drinker (with legs)
This reviewer has 2-4 pets
sturdy and easy to clean
Bought this so my hens can always have water that they can't knock over. The bottom turning bit was a bit tight at first but we soon got the knack.
Review for: 12 Litre Combination Drinker (with legs)
This reviewer has 2-4 Ex commercial pets
Nice and Big!
I bought this for when I ever go on holidays for a few days and need to leave my chickens alone. The drinker is massive and holds lots of water, but even thoght I have used it a few times, it is still very difficult to open and close, and I am not kidding!
Review for: 12 Litre Combination Drinker (with legs)
This reviewer has 2-4 Silkies pets
Best chicken drinker I've had
I was pleasantly surprised when this drinker arrived, at how easy it was to assemble & use. I bought two 12L drinkers as we have a good sized brood of hens. On first usage it was a little stiff to lock/unlock but then it loosens up & is easy to manage on my own. Doesn't leak, so handy not to have to keep topping the hens' water up daily. A good buy!
Review for: 12 Litre Combination Drinker (with legs)
This reviewer has 8-10 Suffolk Lohmann brow pets
Happy Chickens!
The Drinker works fine.
Review for: 12 Litre Combination Drinker (with legs)
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