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This drinker is made from galvanised steel, making it a heavy weight, durable and hard wearing drinker for poultry. It is suitable for all sizes of poultry and holds 0.5 gallons of water.

Your hens should always have a supply of clean, fresh water to drink from. It is recommended that each hen has at least 500ml of water supplied a day in warmer months.

Measures 20cm high.

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Weight: 1.460 kg

Height: 25 cm

Width: 25 cm

Length: 25 cm

Brand: Eton (10 Products)

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Well watered chickens! - Down,

Prior to buying the galvanised drinker I had used a plastic one but I seemed to spend a lot of time removing algae which really liked growing on it. The galvanised drinker doesn't seem to encourage anywhere near the same amount of algal growth and the water stays cooler for much longer - I've definitely noticed that my hens drink far more from the galvanised drinker than they ever did from the plastic one.