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The glug water container holds a thirst quenching 4 pints (2.2 liters) and is easier than ever to fill. The Grub food container will keep 4 chickens fed for 2 days. They fit onto the Eglu Classic, Cube and Go run and can be put in the dishwasher.
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Weight: 0.860 kg

Height: 34 cm

Width: 29 cm

Length: 18 cm

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glug&grub -

very with greenglug&grub

- Gloucestershire,

Very clever design.

Amazing feeders -

We have four Glug and Grub (plus an odd which came with the second hand Eglu) and they are all slightly different styles when from when the models have been changed over the years. All five are sturdy, tough, and virtually unbreakable. Sadly, the "unbreakable" bit doesn't count for the squirrels. A hungry one once broke into the feed shed and chewed away just over an inch of the bottom lip of one Grub. Still works! When we move, we'll need more of these!

Might be expensive, but it's worth it. -

Glug and Grub are amazing! I don't use the Glug so much-the water level goes down very fast as we've got 10 hens, and they drink an awful lot of water! Grub is truly incredible, though. I wouldn't use anything else. It is very strong and sturdy. Best of all, the hens can't make a mess by standing in it! The only problem with it now is that the local squirrel came barging into the shed one night and ate part of the Grub bowl for dinner! Don't worry-it's still usable by all means, but the girls do spill a bit sometimes. If you don't have an Omlet run to attach the bowls to, Omlet make a bowl stand so you can attach the bowls to that.

Have had these before for my ducks. Perfect. Easy for them and a lot more hygienic than other feeders and water holders -

Would recommend