The specially design eglu feeder is the best way to provide food for your chickens. It attaches to the run (both MK1 and MK2 ), keeps food dry and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Will keep four chickens fed for two days.

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Weight: 0.400 kg

Height: 17 cm

Width: 17 cm

Length: 33 cm

Brand: Omlet (754 Products)

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Purple Grub - Martin, West Midlands,

these food bowls are fantastic they keep the food nice and dry and off the floor, I am sure the Chickens love them too.

love it - Lynn,

I love and it and so do the hens!

Great product, strong and easy to clean - Julie,

Never disappointed by eglu items. I have owned one for many years and it is still as good today as when I bought it. We have never had mites which I think is due in part to no corners in the eglu. Only one wish is that the despatch and delivery time could be a bit quicker but the product is worth waiting for

Great for keeping the weather off - Julie,

I purchased another grub to use as an oyster she'll and grit container as the coop cups I had used previously filled up with water if it rained. The ladies looked quite upset that there was no food in it but soon got used to their new grit station.

Good but difficult to clean - Cathy,

Because of the moulding inside, these are difficult to clean out properly. They are good, as the chickens don't get as much food on the floor but the weather does still get in sometimes and makes the pellets soggy.