The OvaView LED battery powered egg candling lamp including the matching OvaScope viewer. The OvaView is a purpose designed battery powered egg candler using a high output rugged LED to illuminate the contents of the egg. The OvaScope shrouds the egg and OvaView and magnifies the image of the illuminated egg making examination of the growing embryo much easier and without having to dim the room lighting - making the system ideal for schools or demonstrations.

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Weight: 0.500 kg

Height: 13 cm

Width: 17 cm

Length: 21 cm

Brand: Brinsea (15 Products)

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Brinsea Ovaview and Ovascope -

it is the mother of all candling lamps and when I got mine from here it was cheapest id seen it. it shows such detail In the eggs. veins wings. etc. totally fantastic. I had a good candling lamp before but this is a must for any one hatching eggs

Did the job very well -

Omlet was the cheapest place I found the pack. The Ovascope was easy to use and gave a good view of inside the eggs, even olive coloured ones. The delivery was a bit slow.