Brinsea Mini Eco Incubator A015A

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The Mini Eco Incubator by Brinsea is a fan assisted manual turn egg incubator that holds up to 10 medium hen eggs. Although it is extremely easy to use, it is a very sophisticated machine, with electronic temperature control, carefully directed airflow and a specially made glass thermometer.

The Mini Eco is set to the most common incubation temperature but it can be adjusted if necessary. The high quality clear top allows you to see every second of an egg hatching from every angle.

This is designed to be used by children as well as adults but they are not toys and children should only use them under adult supervision. Brinsea's Mini incubators run at 12v for safety and are supplied with a mains power adaptor.

You can download the Mini Eco Incubator instruction manual here.

IMPORTANT: After hatching, the smallest chicks (e.g. quail) can be at risk from drowning in the water pots. It is advised that small pebbles or marbles are placed in each water pot before hatching to reduce this risk. This will not reduce the evaporation of the water if the level is maintained to just above the pebbles.

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- Nikki, 07 April 2014

Helpful on phone. Quick delivery. Thank you

           Very clear and good hatch rate

- Kate, 24 October 2013

It's lovely for the kids to see chicks hatching so clearly. Hard to clean out as all the chick fluff ends up trapped in the top area where you can't clean. Turning the eggs is a pain three times a day but I managed it and we had a hatch rate of 63%.

           Very good

- Carole, 22 July 2013

Excellent first hatch of Chineese Quail. It would be helpful if the floor had dimples to prevent the tiny eggs from rolling around.

           Excellent product - very easy to use and great results!

- Helen, 11 August 2012

Great incubator, does the job really well, keeps both temperature and humidity constant and returns quickly to right temp when opening for short periods to turn eggs etc. Very easy to use and successfully hatched two lots of eggs so far. Really like it as you can clearly see when the eggs are hatching unlike larger capacity model we used previously. Easy to clean - only thing I would recommend is to use a non-slip matting throughout so eggs don't roll around and are easier to keep in position when you turn them. Highly recommended!


- Sam, 31 July 2012

Bought on a whim after my cockerel got taken by a fox - got some eggs out of the fridge and didn't think for a moment I'd get any results but hatched 3 from 7 eggs!! Amazed. Very easy to use; had to adjust the temp (says it's factory set but mine was very high) but then left it to do its thing (apart from turning the eggs 3 times a day). It kept temp and humidity just right evidently. Thrilling to be able to watch them pip, zip and hatch too. It was pretty cramped with just 3 chicks, I couldn't imagine 10 in there. And they looked like they were getting too hot after they'd all hatched so I moved them to the brooder after less than 24 hours. But all in all a very inexpensive miracle-producer!

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