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Diatomaceous Earth - DE Feed Additive - 1kg

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Diatom is well known for its parasite deterrent qualities when used as a dust, but it's also a very effective food additive.

It is best to mix it with the chickens' feed, (a good tip is to add a bit of vegetable oil to the feed before mixing the powder in as it makes it stick).

This 100% natural product is organically certified and been extensively trialled by ADAS. It is proven to improve condition, maintain low levels of gut parasites, to be a great source of trace minerals and to reduce odours in faeces.

This product is made from natural premium diatomaceous earth and consists of 100% dried, milled food-grade, daitomite rock from an extremely pure fresh water deposit

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Great quality feed additive

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Diatomaceous Earth - DE Feed Additive - 1kg

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