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Diatomaceous Earth is a fine white powder made of the ground up fossilized remains of diatoms (a type of algae). It's 100% natural and it works because at a microscopic level the powder is very absorbent and effectively dehydrates parasites it comes into contact with causing them to shrivel up and expire. It can be used to control both internal and external parasites. Added to poultry feed - daily use can result in fewer worms.

Diatomaceous Earth can be used in your chickens dustbath if you suspect they have lice or mites. It can also be mixed with their feed - a good tip is to add a bit of vegetable oil to the layers pellets before mixing the powder in as it makes it stick to the pellets.

Diatomaceous Earth is also useful if you have a wormery, as it helps to control flies. Just add a light dusting to the top of your Hungry Bin or other wormery contents to help keep flies away.

Diatomaceous Earth is an approved E.U. Feed Additive (Silicon Dioxide) E551C and has been used for over 25 years for controlling parasites naturally.

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Latest Product Reviews For Diatomaceous Earth - Deter Hygiene Clean and Dry - 1Kg

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a very effective product for eliminating dust mites - Terri,

We used this to annihilate the dust mite problem in our bedroom. You have to be sure to also clean VERY thoroughly so that you don't inhale the stuff you used on the mites, but it is highly effective. We are now nefarious criminals in the world of dust mites and our names will go down in the dust mite history books as genocidal maniacs. I do feel a bit guilty for all of the little tiny families we destroyed and maybe one day I will rot in dust mite hell. I hope that their deaths were not too painful.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Great Product - Helen,

We've used this to deter mites and in food to keep bugs away. Really pleased with it.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Good Product - Amy,

Use it in my dust bath box and in the coup my chucks are free of parasites great product

Verified Purchase: Sep 2015

Brilliant - Alison,

We use this in nesting boxes and in new litter and in nooks and crannies, perch ends etc and have hardly seen a mite all year. I can only out it down to this really. Highly recomended.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2014

Miracle dust! - Lorraine,

I use this every time I clean out the coop, dusting it around in the corners and into the straw bedding. Also, outside in the hens favourite dust bath area. Hey presto, no mite problems at all. The hens love to fluff their feathers up in the dust and it is environmentally friendly too. Happy, healthy hens lay lots of eggs which is just what we all want. Super product well worth the cost.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2014