Although the best way of preventing a red mite infestation is by keeping your chicken house clean, this product can be used directly on poultry if you do find there's a problem. It can be used as a proactive deterrent to infestation or to rectify an existing problem.

As red mite is a nocturnal creature it is best to treat your hens just before they go to bed. Chickens should be thoroughly dusted with the powder according to the instructions on the packet.

You can continue to eat your chicken's eggs safely whilst using the product.

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Weight: 0.560 kg

Height: 8 cm

Width: 8 cm

Length: 25 cm

Brand: Barrier (6 Products)

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Best product by far! - Sophie,

This is the best product i have used to date. I have had experience of many products in the past but for me this one stands head and shoulders above the rest!! I use this very regularly along with the Red Mite X concentrate and touch wood i have kept the little blighters at bay!

Best product - Sophie, Berkshire,

I have used this product for the 11 years i have kept hens. I have never had a reason to try anything other than Barrier Products.