EcoBed Cardboard 20kg

EcoBed Cardboard 20kg

Helps Absorb Your Chickens' Droppings

Helps Absorb Your Chickens' Droppings

Makes A Great Nest Box Liner

Makes A Great Nest Box Liner

La litière Ecobed est idéale pour les hamsters

La litière Ecobed est idéale pour les hamsters

EcoBed is an easy to use bedding, suitable for chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and pet rats and is a great alternative to conventional materials. It is made from clean, uncontaminated cardboard, with no print ink. As the pieces of board are much denser than paper they will not blow around as much with the wind. Above all, Ecobed goes a really long way - you will typically get about 80 nesting box or 60 dropping tray fills in the Eglu Go or Classic with this pack - that works out as little as 12p per fill.

EcoBed is highly absorbent, meaning that the top surface will stay dry and odourless. The corrugated card helps to trap air, meaning the bed is warm and insulated and it is virtually dust-free. Ecobed is also pH neutral, reducing the smell of ammonia. After use EcoBed can be put on the compost heap as it is fully biodegradable.

This is a cost-effective choice of bedding as there is little wastage.

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Weight: 20.000 kg

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Very good value - Sue,

I purchased this item as a recommendation from a website..I was not disappointed great delivery time and very good value for money

- Brian,

Used cardboard for rearing day old turkey poults very good for bedding but this year we did have to sort cardboard out because some weren't cut properly apart from that very good.

great substrate for rats - David,

This is great substrate for rats to dig around in and forage about looking for scattered buried dried food. I use about 3 or 4 inches of it on the bottom of their cage. Dust free and virtually odorless.

Great! - Andrea,

Perfect bedding for my pet rats :-)

Exactly what I needed - Jonathan,

Thank you for my chopped cardboard bedding which I use in the sleeping quarters of my Akita kennels. It seems to last a long time and is both cleaning and drying if they've been out in wet conditions. Delivery was rapid, cost is competitive and it has been a pleasure trading with you. I will definitely be using your services again.