EcoBed is an easy to use bedding, suitable for chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and pet rats and is a great alternative to conventional materials. It is made from clean, uncontaminated cardboard, with no print ink. As the pieces of board are much denser than paper they will not blow around as much with the wind. Above all, Ecobed goes a really long way - you will typically get about 80 nesting box or 60 dropping tray fills in the Eglu Go or Classic with this pack - that works out as little as 12p per fill.

EcoBed is highly absorbent, meaning that the top surface will stay dry and odourless. The corrugated card helps to trap air, meaning the bed is warm and insulated and it is virtually dust-free. Ecobed is also pH neutral, reducing the smell of ammonia. After use EcoBed can be put on the compost heap as it is fully biodegradable.

This is a cost-effective choice of bedding as there is little wastage.

Please Note: EcoBed is made from recycled cardboard and may feature some printed areas. Due to this, it is not suitable for pets that may eat their bedding.

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Weight: 20.000 kg

Brand: EcoBed (1 Product)

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Brilliant - , Staffordshire,

Fantastic stuff. We used this stuff in the nursing cages when we bred fancy rats, we would use it as it was dust free and kept down smells.

Lightweight, absorbent, excellent value - Marianne,

I bought my first bag for the pullets in my 2 tier rabbit hutch several weeks ago & am nowhere near running out. The product goes a long way. It's clean & dust free, doesn't pack down too much so offers some insulation. I still use straw in the bed area as it gets pretty cold at night where I live but on the whole it looks like it's comfortable underfoot, doesn't get soggy, easy enough to clean out without being wasteful. I'll definitely stick with it when the pullets go into their big aviary.

- Barbara,

My four ducks are dry and comfortable on this bedding. There is also no dust and odours are reduced. very happy with the product.

- Kimberly,

I've actually just bought my second bag. I usually need to re-buy every 6 months which is absolutely brilliant. Completely dust free which is brilliant for my super sensitive rats.

Excellent product - Barrie,

Eco bedding is excellent for my pet hairless ratties as this product is very safe for them.