The perfect pack for first time chicken keeper - This contains the bedding you'll need, some grit to keep your girls' digestion in tip top condition, our most popular cleaning product and some Diatom to keep any unwanted pests at bay.

This pack comprises

Easichick Poultry Bedding 10kg
Mixed Chicken Grit - 1.25kg
Diatomaceous Earth - 100g
Johnsons Clean 'n' Safe Cleaner and Disinfectant

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Weight: 22.050 kg

Brand: Omlet (351 Products)

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Gives the beginning chicken owner a good start - Jackson,

Just the job - Suzanne,

All you need in the first few weeks.

Excellent - Sarah,

Very easy to manage, beautiful chickens and plenty of eggs. For a novice chicken lover, perfect and thoroughly recommended.

comprehensive - Paul,

Adequate supply for many days.

A newbie thing - Pete,

Probably a useful collection. Only really used the cleaning spray. The shavings seemed a bit coarse to use for beeding and I had bought some Aubiose which my girls prefers because it is soft and light. I also use the aubiose in their litter trays. DE - waiting for signs of any nasties before using it and none yet. Grit - well I read on the Omlet organic feed pack that its already included in the mixture so no need, and mine free range most days so have access to gritty soil. Would I buy it again? No.