Battles Poultry Spice - 450g

By Battles

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Not a new member of the Spice Girls, a dodgy aftershave or something you rub on a chicken before roasting; poultry spice is, in fact, a mineral supplement to keep your chickens in tip top condition. You might give this to your chicken if it is moulting or to help it maintain a good appetite in winter.

You give 1/4 teaspoon of per 2 chickens.

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           Healthy chickens

- Olly, 08 December 2014

I'm a great believer in this product particularly after the summer moult. Promotes health and feather growth and is a welcome tonic.

           Hens love it

- Pike, 20 September 2014

Not sure yet how much good it does, but the chooks absolutely love it!

           My chickens love it

- Ling, 27 December 2013

My Chickens love it. It is great to see my girls eating them and knowing that it is keeping them in tip top condition.


- Lisa, 21 September 2013

Our girls love this in their feed as a pick me up. It definitely makes a difference and smells lovely!

           Smells nice

- Helen, 07 October 2012

This product has a strong smell. I am not 100% sure the girls like it but they seem to eat their mash all the same. I like the idea that it will keep them in good condition should they need a pick me up so I am happy to have it in the cupboard. It also has a long use by date.

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