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Beaphar Top 10 Vitamin Tablets for Dogs

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Beaphar Top 10 Vitamin Tablets for Dogs contains ten essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements which promote vitality and strengthen your dog's physical condition.

The tablets encourage the natural development of bones and teeth in young dogs and ensures a glossy coat and bright eyes. Beaphar Top 10 Vitamin Tablets also help to keep older dogs lively and agile.

This pack contains 180 tablets. Give 1 tablet per 5kg of bodyweight each day.

Composition: Milk & milk derivatives, Various sugars, Minerals, Molluscs & Crustaceans (2.8% shrimp meal), Yeasts, Cereals, Meat & animal derivatives, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Oils & fats.

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Beaphar Top 10 Vitamin Tablets for Dogs

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