The Long Paws Multi-Purpose Rope Training Leash is ideal for training dogs, and for everyday walking. With the 5 variable length options, you can choose how you want to walk your dog, ranging from close and controlled, to keeping loose reigns. The leash allows you to walk two dogs at a time, to tether tie up your dog while you're relaxing or to use hands free either over the shoulder or around your waste while walking.

The rope training leash is not only extremely strong but has a little shock-absorbing bounce in the rope. There is a small latching karabiner-styled safety clip on each end and four welded O-rings/D-rings along the length of the rope. The two clips and various rings allow you to adjust the length of the lead, attach the clips to a harness and collar simultaneously and walk two dogs at a time.

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Weight: 0.166 kg

Height: 50 cm

Width: 5 cm

Length: 4 cm

Brand: Long Paws (17 Products)