The Ultimate Puppy Pack contains a fantastic selection of products that are perfect for puppies and is guaranteed to help set you on the right path with your new pup!


Kong Wubba Puppy

Puppies love the Kong Wubba Puppy interactive squeaker toy, which can provide hours of fun for both owner and puppy alike! The durable, reinforced and ballistic nylon fabric covers two balls, a tennis ball on top and a squeaker ball beneath. The extra long tails of the Kong Wubba Puppy toy make it easy to pick up and throw and mean it is also great for playing tug.

Animology Puppy Love Shampoo 250ml

Animology Puppy Love Shampoo is a mild vitamin and conditioner enriched shampoo specifically designed for your puppy’s delicate skin to help keep its coat beautifully clean, fragrant and healthy. This gently formulated shampoo is suitable for all dogs aged six weeks and older.

Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads

Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads are an excellent way to house train your puppy by providing a hygienic elimination area indoors. Each pad is super absorbent, trapping in odours and protecting floors and carpets and they are also great to use in carriers and crates as well as cars, hotels, boats and more. Contains 14 pads.

Nylabone Puppy Teething Chew Pacifier

Made from soft, flexible material, the Nylabone Puppy Pacifier is specially designed for teething puppies who have not yet formed their adult teeth. This non-edible, flexible product comes in a dynamic and colourful shape that is easy for young dogs to pick up, chew and enjoy the flavorful taste.

Coachies Puppy Training Treats 75g

Coachies Puppy Training Treats are the perfect way to give your pup a tasty reward during training. These treats are not only packed with vitamins and minerals but are also free from artificial colours, flavours and added sugars. They contain added calcium to support the healthy condition of teeth and bones.

Arden Grange Puppy Food - Fresh Chicken 2kg

Arden Grange dog foods are formulated with a blend of nutrients and natural supplements to help promote optimum health, vitality and condition of your dog. This super premium pet food for puppies contains fresh chicken - free from battery farming - which is a delicious and highly digestible protein source.

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