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You must be Yolking! Novelty Egg Cups

Make breakfast more entertaining by serving your lovely eggs in a funny eggcup. You can't help but smiling while saving an egg from the jaws of shark or get ready for the morning commute with a classic routemaster eggcup. Brilliant Fun!

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Diver Egg Cup

Egg Cup Diver


London Bus Egg Cup

Egg Cup - Routemaster Bus


A Delightful Ballerina Egg Cup

Egg Cup Ballerina


England Footballer Egg Cup

Egg Cup England Footballer


A great gift idea

Egg Cup Set of Two Scooters

           £6.50 £5.50

England Rugby Player Egg Cup

Egg Cup England Rugby Player


An egg cup for all the proud Scots out there

Egg Cup Scotsman Red


An egg a day gives you wings!

Egg Cup Angel


Hello, Hello - What Happening Here?

Egg Cup - Policeman


Egg-Splode Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

Egg-Splode Egg and Soldiers Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

           £6.99 £6.49

Silicone Egg Cup

Egg Cup - Silicone Octopus - Random Colour


Vroom your eggs to the plate in seconds!

Union Jack Scooter Egg Cup


The perfect fit for your boiled egg

Fried Egg Cup

           £8.95 £8.50

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Omlet Cartoon