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There aren't many things a man can call his own, but the barbecue is one of them. So what is it with man and fire? The connection is as instinctive and natural as a monkey to a banana, ( in fact a monkey would probably do a better job than some men with a barbecue). Give a bloke some meat and a fire and the male characteristics flare, causing exaggerated arm movements and caveman grunts.

For so long the problem with barbecues has been the choice of attire available. Black and white chef's trousers if you're going for the clown look. Stripy navy apron if you want to achieve the middle aged, disguise-the-beer-belly style. Or there's always the naked chef phenomenon...please don't go there!

Now your style problems can be solved with the almighty bbq sword and musketeer mask combo. Men pick up your swords, ladies stand aside. Of course we wouldn't be encouraging the use of a real sword, but this has no blade, just a twin pronged fork, for the perfect steak stabbing tool. More powerful than a regular fork this will make you look, and feel, every inch the alpha male. No one will dare complain that the sausages are overdone. Team with black clothes and the free cut-out mask to transform into a true musketeer, and prepare to battle with the burgers and defeat the drumsticks.

As soon as you put on the mask and feel the strong wooden handle you may experience the following symptoms: hyperactive prancing around the garden, thrusting the sword repeatedly into the air, and making excessive sound effects. You will amuse your guests and frighten away any uninviteds in the process. Oh, and you'll obviously be believing you are the coolest bloke in the land. If, during all the excitement, your meat looks more massacred than mouth-watering, you can be safely assured that your identity has remained a secret and you will never be to blame...

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           Does exactly what it says on the packaging

- Simon, 17 January 2011

"It makes sausages sizzle and ladies swoon"

           Well made, great fun

- Mel, 23 September 2010

           Great fun!

- An Omleteer, 01 July 2009

We bought this item as a Father's day present as it looked great fun and different from the normal presents. It is great quality and isn't flimsy at all. Not really much to say but a fantastic quirky gift for any bbq fan...which just about covers nearly all men :-)

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