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Crack open this egg and you might have a shock, for inside is not a creamy white and a golden yolk but an eggstaordinary garden waiting to grow!

Gardening is quick and easy with an eggling and everything you need to grow a prickly cactus is in one little box. Simply crack the top of the ceramic egg gently by tapping with a spoon, place on the terracotta tray, water slowly until it begins to drain into the tray and pop in a bright, warm room. There are enough nutrients in the eggling to allow it to grow for up to five months, and all you need to do is ensure the soil is always moist. When the plant outgrows the eggling, transplant into a larger pot and shatter the ceramic egg to use as a fertilizer for the surrounding soil.

This prickly cactus is a fun plant to grow and keep on display.

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Weight: 0.120 kg

Height: 8 cm

Width: 8 cm

Length: 9 cm

Brand: Eggling (2 Products)