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Options Small Animal Mini Grooming Kit

by Rosewood

Grooming is not only an ideal way to bond with your pet but it also has many health benefits. It helps to remove dead and matted hair as well as dirt, debris and dust thereby improving the coat's appearance and health. It also helps to stimulate the skin and encourage the distribution of natural oils to create a healthier, shinier coat as well as reducing the risk of your pet ingesting hair or fur which can lead to internal blockages.

Options Small Animal Grooming Kit contains three great tools which you can use to groom your pet. Use the coarse teeth of the double-sided comb to tease out knots and tangles before finishing with the fine teeth on the other side. The mini slicker is ideal for removing dead and matted hair, especially from the undercoat while the soft brush can be used to finish the coat and promote a healthy shine.

The mini grooming kit is suitable for use on all small animals including hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and rabbits.

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Tasty handles - Zus, Norfolk,

The brushes are good but better not leave these laying around the bunnies. My bunny has decided to chew the silicon handles. I managed to stop him just on time. 2

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