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The Bunny Toy Feeding Ball is an innovative play toy that allows you to feed your rabbits or guinea pigs in a fun and active way. The ball is designed to dispense hay, salad and other treats depending on which part of the toy you use while providing a fun and engaging challenge for your pets through interactive play.

There are three ways that the Bunny Toy Feeding Ball can be used. Either hang the toy on the side of any wire cage or run and the ball will spin on it's axis, place the toy on any firm surface using it's stand and the ball will also rotate on it's axis or simply remove the ball from the stand or hanging device and allow your pet to push it freely around an open space while they enjoy getting stuck into a tasty playtime adventure!

Approximate ball diameter: 16cm

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Weight: 0.480 kg

Height: 20 cm

Width: 18 cm

Length: 13 cm

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My Rabbit Loves It - Durham,

My mini lop is a great lover of hay and this only adds to the excitement of feeding time, he loves feeding from this gadget and soon lets me know when its empty!

Great feeding ball! -

Our rabbits love this! We put their greens in it for them and it’s great to see them work together to get the food out! It’s like tug of war occasionally! We decided to put it onto the side of the wire run, this is perfect as prevents ants getting to the greens as best it can. Would definitely recommend.