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This woven water hyacinth and rattan bed is naturally soft and warm and makes for a snuggly nest when filled with your pet's favorite bedding. The Naturals Chill N' Snooze Bed also helps to keep homes cleaner by holding your animal's bedding in one tidy place thanks to it's extra deep base.

Made entirely from natural materials and 100% free from glue and staples, the Naturals Chill N' Snooze Bed is completely safe for animals to chew and nibble, as well as sleep and snuggle up in.

Ideal for guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, degus, rats and ferrets.

Approximate size: 34cm x 27cm x 12cm

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Weight: 0.310 kg

Height: 34 cm

Width: 27 cm

Length: 13 cm