Ice Lolly Moulds Set of 3

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When the sun is out and the heat is up there's nothing better to cool you down than a good old fashioned ice lolly. You've got your Fabs, your Rockets, your Sun Lollies and your Feasts but the classic Calippo still remains a firm favourite with many. Oh the fun of squeezing the lolly out of the cardboard case just enough to get your teeth, without catapulting it into the air. And swigging back the leftover lolly liquid is pretty good too!

Wouldn't it be great if you could make your own Calippo ice lollies to keep in your freezer for when it's really hot!? It would mean you wouldn't have to walk to the nearest shop to get your hands on one, saving you time and money - woohoo! Well, with this set you CAN make your own, and all your need is a freezer and a bit of imagination! Forget those boring old lolly moulds in the back of the cupboard - you'll never use them again after trying these...

Made from silicone these moulds are flexible, heat and freeze-proof, and dishwasher safe. They are modern and colourful, and best of all they are shaped like a Calippo. Simply fill the mould with the mixture of your choice, place the lid on and pop in the freezer. A few hours later your lolly will be ready!

This pack includes three moulds and an instruction leaflet. There are loads of lollies you can create - why not try freezing fruity yoghurt, chocolate milkshake or orange juice? Have fun eggsperimenting!

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- Matthew, 11 August 2010

Bought these expecting them to be not much cop, but they're actually really rather good at what they do. As they're made of rubber they tend to grip hold of the contents rather firmly, making getting at the frozen goodness quite the effort. It's almost as if they're teasing you. However, once you have wriggled the contents loose it's exactly as if you had a reusable Calippo carton. Muller Light yoghurt tends to work pretty well as does fruit juice, although the latter tends to loose it's flavour rather easily.

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