Egg Cuber

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Have you ever sliced a hard boiled egg for your sarnie only to discover it's a bit of a challenge to cover the bread perfectly? A bit of sandwich with no filling is very disappointing so you need to make sure you get full coverage. Well help is at hand with the egg cuber. Yes, we know it sounds a bit wierd and you're probably asking yourself why eggsactly you would want a cube shaped egg, but just think - perfect square slices with straight edges that line up beautifully and fit into corners.

So now you see the method to this madness let's explain how it works.

Just hard boil your egg as you normally would, remove the shell and pop it into this gadget. Place the square of plastic on top and screw the lid on gently, as it compacts the egg into the cube chamber. Leave for a few minutes, preferably in the fridge, then remove your amazing egg cube.

Also great for adding to salads and impressing your dinner guests.

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           Silly but good

- Peter, 15 November 2011

Spose it serves a purpose, just fits nicely on the bread

           Very good

- Peggy, 05 August 2011

L love the cube. makes the sandwich look good. sent one to my little grandson in canada and know that he will want egg sandwiches every day!!!

           Blast from the past!

- Rebecca, 09 January 2011

I was delighted to see 'square egg makers' back on sale as we had one in the 70s. It does exactly what it says on the tin, is a bit of fun and my kids love it!

           Simple to use and very effective. Great fun.

- Starkey, 22 November 2010

Succeeded immediately by eliciting laughter when the present was opened and put into service within the hour. Simple mechanism and easy to use which is just as well because the instructions on the box were in French. Don't worry - there are pictures. To work properly, the egg has to go in warm!

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