Egg Clacker Egg Topper

By Eddingtons

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Want to take the top of your boiled egg off quickly and easily? Of course you do, because the sooner the top's off, the sooner you can dip your first soldier in.

Not only will the egg clacker take the top of your eggshell off easily, but it will leave a perfect ring with no broken shell pieces. Simply place the clacker on top of the egg, lift the yellow ball as far as it will go and release. The impact will cut the shell and all you need to do is lift it to reveal your perfect egg.

The Egg Clacker also works with raw eggs which is hendy if you're not very good at breaking them without getting shell in your mixture.

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           Quite good

- Michael, 14 May 2012

Doesn't take the top of the egg as cleanly as suggested. Maybe will get better with practice.

           Design could be better

- Anne, 20 January 2012

This product is a bit hit and miss in whether it works but it should be bigger, The whole it makes in the egg is too small to squeeze a decent 'soldier' through resulting in bits of shell being picked up along the way.

           Excellent device

- Anne, 15 January 2012

I bought this for my 89 year old mother who has some degree of arthritis in her fingers. After a couple of attempts she has now mastered the technique and is very pleased with it.

           Very Hit-and-Miss

- Francis, 09 January 2012

I had high hopes of the Clacker, as my normal egg topper has difficulty dealing with the large eggs that we prefer, however we found the Clacker very variable in performance - often smashing the egg completely; Shell thickness obviously plays a part, but we have now reverted to our normal topper, which at least is consistant..

           Top Egg

- Susie, 01 July 2011

This product is Fabulous a great piece of engineering We run a B&B and have two of these and our guests love them no more messie egg shells

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