Traditional Egg Topper

Traditional Egg Topper

Traditional Egg Topper In Use

Traditional Egg Topper In Use

Using The Traditional Egg Topper

Using The Traditional Egg Topper

Off with your head! Or the top of your boiled egg at least. Though this does rather resemble a medieval torture device, it is merely a handy tool for removing the end of your egg so that you can freely dip your soldiers. If you have ever experienced the frustration of tediously tapping at the shell with your knife, only to result in a total humpty-dumpty style mess ( and haven't we all!?), then this is the topper for you. Stainless steel and dishwasher safe.
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Weight: 0.070 kg

Height: 16 cm

Width: 11 cm

Length: 1 cm

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doesn't remove enough egg top - Katherine,

I love the look of this egg topper but I find for me at least it hasn't got a large enough aperture .It removes a little of the egg top -ok for thin soldiers or small teaspoons for boiled egg lovers.

Egg topper - Russell,

Its a bit of a knack to use it but once you have learnt to press down on the egg as you cut, it works very well. Hole is small but big enough for a small spoon.

Good - Rebecca,

Good product if you have larger eggs. The teeth do not close in enough to grip/cut a smaller egg. Otherwise good.

very good - Jan,

The egg topper works very well on the eggs my girls lay. They seem to be just the right size.

Egg Topper - An Omleteer,

An eggcellent product. I was so fed up with tapping the top and ending up with tiny bits of shell everywhere. This just breaks the tip in a perfect circle allowing you to remove the top in one piece.