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Equimins Egg Shell Improver 1kg

by Equimins

This is a natural supplement that contains a high ratio of calcium and phosphorus to strengthen and improve the quality of egg shells. Added to your hens' feed daily, it will help to ensure that they lay the finest eggs in town! Ideal for ex-battery hens.

Analysis: Total Phosphorus (P) 18.2% Calcium (CA) 24.5% Oil: trace Protein 0% Fibre 0.1% Ash 82%

Doseage: Sprinkle a small amount onto the food. 10 ml measure included, 1 level measure = 10 grams. Poultry : approx ½ measure per bird per day.

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Packed Product Details

Weight: 1.060 kg

Height: 14 cm

Width: 14 cm

Length: 15 cm

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Will buy again - Elizabeth, Lancs,

Omlet service excellent

Excellent - Kate, Lancs,

I was having trouble with soft shelled eggs but this sorted them out and we are back to wonderful eggs.

Review of Equimins she'll improver - Rebecca, Lancs,

Excellent product? My three hens are now laying again after three weeks of having the powder in their mash every day. Their shells are slightly stronger so the hens are not breaking them as soon as they lay them.

Excellent! - Linda, Lancs,

The egg shells from my 4 year old chickens have improved dramatically since using Equimins. No more broken and fragile eggs! Wish I had found this product earlier.

Hardened shells within days - Chrs, Lancs,

What a remarkable product. Within two weeks of using the Egg Shell Improver, the eggs went from soft to hard shells. The chickens did not hesitate to eat the food with the powder sprinkled over it.

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