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Similar to poultry spice this is a mineral supplement for your chickens. It will give them a boost while they are going through a moult or during the colder months of the year. Add 2ml of this tonic to each litre of drinking water for 2 chickens.

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Weight: 0.580 kg

Height: 6 cm

Width: 9 cm

Length: 17 cm

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Poultry drink -

I can recommend this product, my hens love it they queue up when I mix it

A pick-me-up for chickens! -

Works a treat every time. Just gives them a boost when it is damp and cold and ups their appetite a bit!

Yummy Drink -

My chickens love this drink, i add a bit to their water and they are happy

Good product. -

This is easy to use and seems to be good for the chickens.

Useful - Warwickshire,

As a newcomer to chicken keeping I went on advice from experienced keepers and ordered some. I see no reason not to continue with it.