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Johnsons Super Plume Spray

by Johnson's

Chickens deserve some pampering sometimes, and this spray does the trick. Spray lightly to enhance natural sheen and to keep plumage in good condition. As well as giving glossiness, the tea-tree oil and other natural ingredients will help to clean and soothe irritations, and it encourages preening. Use regularly for beautiful birds!

Also suitable for use on cage birds such as budgies and finches.

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Weight: 0.200 kg

Height: 5 cm

Width: 5 cm

Length: 19 cm

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Super plume spray - An Omleteer,

Escellent product, easy to apply.

Plume spray - An Omleteer,

Although chickens didn't like being sprayed, it did encourage preening in chickens recovering from moult / pecking - and left them looking much tidier.

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