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When your chickens are tired, weak or sick unfortunately a bowl of hot soup won't perk them up. There is something you can give them that will work a treat though and give them the boost they need. These nutri-drops work like magic, transforming sluggish hens within just 30 minutes. It is a unique supplement that carries nutrients directly into the bloodstream immediately, providing a really fast-acting effect.

Poultry nutri-drops help boost the immune system and vitamin levels in poorly birds. It helps maintain egg production when energy is required and can reduce stress during times such as vaccination. This magic medicine also increases a chicken's appetite if it has gone off its food.

This can be used during heat stress, diorrhoea, antibiotic treatment and during periods of stress, so it is always handy to have a bottle just in case.

30ml bottle.

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Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

A must have - Sue,

These drops are truly amazing. My beautiful mille fleur bantom was wheezing so badly. I gave her these drops. In the morning her house was silent and I thought I had lost her. When I peered reluctantly inside there she was looking back at me her chirpy happy self and not a wheeze at all. All poultry keepers should have this.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2019

poultry nutri drops - Dorothy,

Extremely good product,after applying to chicken for 3days the diarrhea cleared and she is healthy.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2014


Really pickle up my poorly chicken and brightened her outlook. Can't believe how quickly they seemed to work.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2016

Good product - Tina,

Good product.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2019

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