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Equimins Cider Apple Vinegar 1 Litre

by Equimins

Cider Apple Vinegar helps to maintain inner balance and promote good health in poultry. This vinegar is unpasteurised so it contains a substance called 'the mother'. This is a gel-like substance that grows naturally on the vinegar, containing powerful enzymes and important minerals, as well as malic acid which helps to fight toxins.

This product should be added to your hens' drinking water at a rate of 10ml per litre of water.

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Weight: 1.080 kg

Height: 7 cm

Width: 13 cm

Length: 17 cm

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Excellent for my chooks and good size bottle - Shabby, Cumbria,

Apple Cider Vinegar is so good for chooks and this one comes in a handy sized container - not so big it can't go in a normal kitchen cupboard and not so small it needs to be replaced repeatedly.

Recomended from the omlet forum - Lorraine, Cumbria,

This looks to be a great product.Well worth it.

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