This is an attachment to the eglu run which will prevent persistent diggers from digging out. It's simple to attach, just pull out of the box and unfold. It can then be placed under the run. The holes in the mesh have been sized so that they won't interfere with your rabbits movement whilst enabling grass to grow through it, and the wire is thin enough to be comfortable for rabbits to walk on.

Please note this wire comes in four piece, clipped together and folded.

It is approximately 2.2 metres in length and is up to 1.2 metres in width

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Weight: 3.000 kg

Height: 2 cm

Width: 60 cm

Length: 110 cm

Brand: Omlet (697 Products)

Latest Product Reviews For Underfloor Mesh for Eglu Classic & Go 2m Run (Brass)

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Under floor mesh - Heather,

Brilliant, stopped rodents burrowing into my quail great quality and next day delivery. Thank you to who ever I spoke to on the phone for her advice.

2m under floor mesh - Heather,

Just what I wanted good quality and easy to install. Great speed of delivery and great advice when I rang, so helpful and understanding. Thank you

hmmmm - Anna, London,

the problem with this- which I should have worked out for myself before I ordered- is that you need a nice flat lawn to put it on! ours is pretty lumpy- the run is fine (secured with tent pegs) but when we tried using the mesh with it, we found there were loads of bumps and troughs and gaps underneath which didn't look so great- worried about our rabbits' feet and legs, we have removed it, laid it flat(ish) on the grass and are trampling over it in wet weather in the hope that it will assimilate itself into the lawn- then we'll transfer the run onto it. As previous posters have said, it's quite pricey for what it is- but then a rabbit owner and her money are soon parted (I'm so anxious that our rabbits have a nice life that in the end I have no doubt we'll be bedding down in the eglu every night and they'll be tucking themselves into our kingsize bed)

Very happy - Alastair,

Fox safe rabbits. Very happy.

Does a good enough job - Vikki,

This under underfloor wire has sort of done the job. It hasn't stopped my bunnies digging but it has stopped them escaping. Now they just dig lots of little holes until they are all joined up into a bigger hole! I have attached it to the eglu run all the way round so it's easy to move along with the eglu.