A brilliant all in one disinfectant spray for cleaning the eglu. It destroys fungi, mould, yeast, viruses and all known bacteria as well as effectively eliminating odours. Safe to use with no nasty chemicals.

Simply shake well, spray onto area and wipe with a damp cloth.

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Top product - Michael,

I've brought this product several times and highly recommend it as it does the job and smells nice too. But then I am a bit weird. Lol

spray cleaner - Crosley,

I use this every time I clean out the eglu roosting area and it smells lovely and makes my cleaning work look top notch

Excellant Product - Jill,

I love using this product on my girls coop, its good to know there are no nasty chemicals its smells devine and is really effective, one spray I leave it for a minute or so and everything is shiny and clean and fresh...love it! Just wish it came in bigger sizes.

Easy to use - Julia,

Only used once so far.

Fab - Helen,

This product smells great I initially brought it for my chicken house as a general disinfectant but I am now using it on my cat litter tray too. When I run out I will buy more.