The Burgess Excel range was developed in conjunction with one of the world's leading small-animal vets, to provide rabbits and guinea pigs with the perfect balance of fibre and nutrition. Although pets will get all the nutrients they need from Excel Tasty Nuggets, it is important to feed them plenty of hay or herbage too, as part of their daily diet.

Burgess Excel Fresh Herbage is a delicious, complementary food made from Timothy hay with dandelion and marigold. It is sweet-smelling and an excellent source of Beneficial Fibre that helps to maintain dental and digestive health.

Benefits of Burgess Excel Fresh Herbage:
- Naturally high in Beneficial Fibre (63%)
- Timothy hay is delicious and an excellent source of good quality, long fibre
- Dandelion aids urinary tract health
- Marigold helps build a healthy immune system
- Important for good dental health
- Helps prevent boredom
- 100% natural, wholesome ingredients
- Dust extracted

Feed to your rabbit or guinea pig daily, along with a small amount of Excel Nuggets, a few fresh greens and fresh water.

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Weight: 1.040 kg

Height: 10 cm

Width: 26 cm

Length: 38 cm

Brand: Burgess (1 Product)