Beaphar Antibacterial Hutch & Cage Cleaner is a highly effective double action formulation that both cleans and disinfects your pet's home. As a cleaner it will help remove dirt and soiling which harbour germs while as a disinfectant it will tackle those germs that cause disease and infection.

To use first remove all old and dirty bedding from your pet's cage or hutch. Spray Beaphar Hutch & Cage Cleaner sufficiently to loosen dirt and soiling and leave to soak for a few minutes if necessary. Clean with warm water and then lightly re-spray with the Hutch & Cage Cleaner. Leave to dry before adding fresh bedding.

Beaphar Hutch & Cage Cleaner will leave your pet's hutch or cage clean, healthy and smelling fresh.

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Weight: 0.560 kg

Height: 28 cm

Width: 9 cm

Length: 5 cm