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DEter Parasites - 100g

DEter Parasites - 100g

Diatomaceous Earth is a fine white powder made of the ground up fossilized remains of diatoms (a type of algae). It's 100% natural and it works because at a microscopic level the powder is very absorbent and effectively dehydrates parasites it… Read More

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           Diatomaceous Earth

- An Omleteer, 11 February 2008

Great natural product, and container is a good size for ease of puffing powder into hen house crevices! A larger refill pack would be useful too.

           Wonder powder

- An Omleteer, 17 October 2008

This product is a must. Saves using chemicals and is safe and very effective. I have used Diatomaceous earth for many years on cattle, dogs, cats, poultry, dog bedding, carpets, in fact any where where there is an infestation. I also use it for worming and it is very effective. Also good for head lice! This product should be more widely marketed.

           One stop shop

- An Omleteer, 27 November 2008

Easy to use, multi-purpose anti-parasite powder. Stops me worrying about my chickens being attacked by nasties.

           Diatomaceous Earth

- An Omleteer, 04 December 2008

Excellent results after using in food and nesting area

           Very good stuff

- An Omleteer, 26 December 2008

I use this for the chickens and around the home! Some goes in the hamsters cage and I recently put some down to get rid of silverfish - which are notoriously hard to get rid of!

           Diatomaceous Earth

- An Omleteer, 06 January 2009

I have found the instruction very vague so I'm not sure if I have used it correctly as a worming powder, or if it has worked.

           Diametacous earth

- An Omleteer, 29 January 2009

Very good, I sprinkle it in the eglu and on the ground in the run, once a month when I do a big clean out. I think it keeps it fresh and smells at bay!

           Going cheap

- An Omleteer, 25 February 2009

This product is great value for money. I use it every day and it ALWAYS gets results!

           Worked for lice

- An Omleteer, 26 February 2009

I used DE to treat my hens for lice , and it worked a treat! I previously tried a lice powder which did not work so would recommend DE, it also has other uses which is great.

           Diatomaceous Earth

- An Omleteer, 02 June 2009

My girls are on soil so when it's time to clean out the run I spread this around liberally before I put a fresh lot of Hemcore in. It certainly does the job and I can honestly say that they don't smell, even in this hot weather!

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