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Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch with 2m Run - Green

Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch with 2m Run - Green

The eglu for rabbits is a modern, easy to clean and safe home for your pet bunnies. Delivered complete with hay rack, food bowl and water bottle it's a fantastic way to keep rabbits in your garden. Easy to Clean A lift out bedding tray, wipe… Read More

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           Green Rabbit Eglu

- An Omleteer, 18 April 2009

Just a wonderful home for our four guinea pigs!

           Rabbit eglu

- An Omleteer, 25 April 2009

All is as I hoped - only snag is that, when rabbit decides to throw out her bowl and water bottle from her 'hutch, we have to crawl into the run to retrieve - perhaps some sort of small opening half way down the run would benefit owners!

           Eglu for our new baby guinea pigs

- An Omleteer, 10 May 2009

Our baby guinea pigs are very happy in their new home! Although it did arrive a day earlier than expected thankfully we have very good neighbours! It was very easy to assemble both hutch and run. And although it is a little more difficult for me to move around the garden than I anticipated (I am only 5ft though) we ( my children the piggies and I) are delighted with it. The two doorways make visiting our pets and catching them easy and the removable tray makes cleaning almost enjoyable. The lock on the side door is too hard for my 6 and 8yr olds too open alone but thats no big problem. We bought the rabbit eglu for the larger the dish the same in both? Only our piggies tend to climb into it as it is so deep....we will probably replace it with something more shallow to prevent them soiling in their food.

           Rabbit Eglu Green

- An Omleteer, 09 June 2009

We have only had our rabbit Eglu for one week but it look great in the garden. However, when cleaning the Eglu out and lifting out the tray I discover that food/poo drops down below the tray which is a bit of a nuisance. Also the back is tricky for my 8 year old daughter to take off by herself so I have to get involved (which was not the plan!). On the whole I prefer it to a wooden hutch as it does not get chewed/smell.

           Green Omlet for Rabbits

- An Omleteer, 23 June 2009

Very pleased. Easy to construct, super easy to clean out. Guinea pigs extremely happy. Even had to chase them out into the garden as they were happy loitering in the eglu & run which is unheard of! Glad we got the bigger run as happier to leave them when we're away (they're used to having the whole garden). Arrived a day earlier which I was gutted about as I was out, but essentially came on time and worth the wait. Brilliant product!

           Rabbit Eglu

- An Omleteer, 14 July 2009

We and our rabbit are delighted with the Eglu. It is so easy to clean that the children have been cleaning every day without prompting! It is easy to move the whole Eglu plus run and so even the wear on the grass, and it looks good too!

           Rabbit Eglus are fantastic

- An Omleteer, 09 August 2009

We now have 3 eglus and are about to get another one for our small pet boarders. They are so easy to clean and disinfect in between our guests and the colours look so funky and appealing. Our customers love them never mind the rabbits and guinea pigs that come to stay!!!! I have no doubt their accommodation helps to ease the stress of a change of environment for them.

           Green rabbit eglu

- An Omleteer, 01 September 2009

Very happy with our purchase. Rabbits seem very content and it is much easier for our children to interact with them in this environment. Only difficulty is moving eglu to fresh grass area regularly. Would be easier if there was a handle/grip on back. Do not feel that it is possible for one person to move as suggested on website.

           Director childcare

- An Omleteer, 07 September 2009

Fantastic product, looks good and children love it.

           Happy Guinea Pigs

- An Omleteer, 10 September 2009

We are very happy with our eglu. It was very easy to put together and is very easy to keep clean. It also looks nice in the garden. The guinea pigs can go in and out very easily (they found the ramp in their previous hutch tricky) and as they love to graze they are enjoying having a lot of room to roam in their run. We think that the guinea pigs are very happy with their new home.

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