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Roosting Bars Plastic - Cube

Roosting Bars Plastic - Cube

Keep your Eglu Cube in great condition with a new set of roosting bars. Made from hard-wearing plastic they are durable, easy to clean and long lasting. Complete with an egg design grip surface.

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           Long awaited plastic roosting bars!

- An Omleteer, 11 June 2008

About time too! Congratulations OMLET :)


- An Omleteer, 13 June 2008

Get these NOW! - absolutely love them (hope the hens do)- makes cleaning a doddle. Worth every penny.

           Great but not a snug fit.....

- An Omleteer, 21 June 2008

We're still quite new to all things chicken but realised straight away that these were a must have accessory. Soooooo much easier for cleaning but I was abit surprised that they aren't a snug fit like the wooden ones. Still...I'm glad we got them.

           Plastic roosting bars - great innovation

- An Omleteer, 27 June 2008

Just got the plastic roosting bars for the Eglucube and I am absolutely delighted with them. Being in two section increases the ease and speed of cleaning as they are less bulky for hosing down. Worth every penny as they will last indefinitely. Well done Omlet!

           Plastic roosting bars

- An Omleteer, 16 July 2008

Brilliant! So easy to clean now.

           Plastic Roosting Bars...Cube .

- An Omleteer, 02 August 2008

Absolutely fantatic. Cleaning them is a 30 second blast with a hosepipe instead of a chore. Life enhancing.......and the chickens like them.

           Terrific improvement on the wooden bars

- An Omleteer, 09 August 2008

The plastic bars are not cheap, but are so much easier to clean! And if you have an Eglu or Cube, it really is the finishing touch! (Even henkeepers with wooden houses might want to incorporate them.) One suggestion: A simple illustration of how the bars fit the Cube would have saved me a bit of hassle--but I still think the bars rate a five.

           Plastic Roosting Bars Cube

- An Omleteer, 08 November 2008

Lightweight, very easy to clean and dry, saves loads of scrubbing. An absolute must for anyone with a cube.

           Just brilliant!

- An Omleteer, 12 November 2008

These are so much easier to clean than the wooden roosting bars, and I'm more confident that these won't harbour any nasties in the Eglu. I love the fact that you can dry these bars properly, unlike the wooden ones which had to be left out for a long time after scrubbing. I was unsure at first if the girls would be OK on them but they seem to actively prefer roosting on these to the old ones. I will be buying a spare set soon.


- An Omleteer, 18 November 2008

A bit expensive however, they are worth it as they are so much easier to clean than the wooden roosting bars.

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