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Quality issue - Kay,

Clever design with great advice and support from Omlet. Our first hive was so out of true (Measuring the diagonals we got 973mmx952mm) that we could not get anything to fit and we were unable to form effective bee proof seals. We struggled through a winter and eventually Omlet sent a replacement.....and with a new colony to replace our much weakened first colony we are now all systems go. Check the quality of manufacturing on delivery and talk to Omlet if you are doubtful, they are responsive and want to do their best for you....and your bees.
Review for: Beehaus Green

Verified Purchase: May 2011

The jury is still out! - Pitt,

hive was straightforward to assemble - good design!
Review for: Beehaus Yellow

Verified Purchase: Jun 2013

OK, but not great - Helen,

Really dissapointed with the quality of the dummy board & wax foundation supplied. Only 10 frames of brood & Super supplied, so not enough to fill even one side of the hive. Called to order extra frames, not available & no idea when they will be. Overpriced.
Review for: Beehaus Green

Verified Purchase: Jun 2011