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Excellent sturdy beehaus! - Patty,

The design on this hive is extremely well thought out. From the legs, the side-by-side hives (2 hives in 1), the insulation, wasp guard, the list goes on! The staff at Omlet are excellent - always there for help and guidance. The only reason I haven't given 5 stars is because of the following: Firstly, I didn't realise there would be any hammering or screwing together and secondly because as a novice bee-person, it's very confusing as to what should be put together and when. Now I know that I only needed to put together the Beehaus itself and wait for the delivery of my bees. The rest of it - new frames and supers can all be made up once the bees are in situ. Therefore the directions could be a little clearer at the start. Apart from these little gripes it's all good and I await my bee delivery!

Verified Purchase: May 2019

Good practical beehive - Adrian, Dumfriesshire,

Already had Eglu Cube, so bought this too. It's easy to put together (though the instructions on assembling the frames could be a bit clearer). Very easy to access and inspect the bees. Some bees find the entrance a bit slippy, but other than that, excellent.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2017

Just the job for the urban beekeeper - Tom, London,

So far so good. Three months in, and the Beehaus seems to be just the right solution for beekeeping on the roof of a small terraced house in London. Good kit, good manual, and even the bees seem well behaved. Some delays with delivery because 2012 has not been the greatest year for queen rearing - and all my local beekeeping association newbies have had the same experience. A small nigge re delivery of bits for the hive, but these were solved quickly and without fuss by the team at Omlet.

Verified Purchase: May 2014

The Bees and I are pleased. - Clive,

Easy to put together and it feels sturdy. The hive entrances are well designed, with a partly sheltered landing ledge for the bees, and it enables the entrance to be varied easily by the beekeeper, to open it fully, close it, or partly restrict it to help the bees to repel interest from wasps. I find the working hiegth to be excellent - as a bee-keeper of average height. I have run a few polystyrene National hives, with the same sized frames 14" x 12", as used in the Beehaus. From a wear and tear perspective, both types will last many years, but the Beehaus, with no signs of damage from regular use, looks set to last much longer. A pleasing addition to the garden.

Verified Purchase: May 2014

recent purchase of Beehaus - Carole,

as we already have an Eglu for our chickens it was a natural decision when we decided to keep bees to go with the Beehaus, (we have yet to find some bees!!), but the Beehaus went together very well along with all the frames and seems very sturdy and easy to access - can't wait to get some bees!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2014

Beehaus Review - Roger,

I spent a lot of time researching which type of beehive to buy and decided on the beehaus because it seems easier to mange the bees, ergonomic height, light supers, good sized brood chamber and generally more fun. Also, I live in the city and do not have much space and this beehive seems to be more minimalist. I saw a beehaus in action with the Stroud Beekeepers and the bees seemed very happy.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2017

Busybee - Kee,

Bought the beehaus just a month ago. Easy to make. Good height. 2 hives in one! So far I am pleased with this. Has bees in already.

Verified Purchase: May 2015

Quality issue - Kay,

Clever design with great advice and support from Omlet. Our first hive was so out of true (Measuring the diagonals we got 973mmx952mm) that we could not get anything to fit and we were unable to form effective bee proof seals. We struggled through a winter and eventually Omlet sent a replacement.....and with a new colony to replace our much weakened first colony we are now all systems go. Check the quality of manufacturing on delivery and talk to Omlet if you are doubtful, they are responsive and want to do their best for you....and your bees.

Verified Purchase: May 2011

Good so far . . . - Tom,

The beehaus was very simple to put together, despite the delivery driver not offering any help whatsoever. The design and bright yellow colour are proving to be of great interest to the girls at our school and we're looking forward to introducing beekeeping into their curriculum once the bees are settled in. And of course collecting the honey! It was nice to see that the queen was already marked for us and I'm pleased to say that in the few weeks we've had our colony they are very busy bees building comb, eggs, larvae and honey. So far so good :)

Verified Purchase: Aug 2011

Well constructed, good working height - Brenda, Norfolk,

We are pleased with the Beehaus, the only adverse comment is that the roof does not locate securely without the supers being in place. We are both tall and the working height is great. The bees seem very content.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2012

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