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Beehaus Green -

Works well.

Excellent and innovative -

Very well designed and a good example that innovation can be combined with excellence

beehaus - An Omleteer,

Easy to put together. Frames easy, very good explanation and easy to follow the instructions. Satisfaction guarantee. Cannot wait for the Bees

beehaus green - An Omleteer,

A new product to accompany my existing dartinton and other hives, will be a lot more interesting with bees in.

BeeHaus - An Omleteer,

Although not yet populated (that will have to wait until May/June), I was impressed by the design and construction of the BeeHaus. The use of 14x12 frames leaves plenty of room for colony expansion (I already use a Hedgecoe Hive with this size frames) along with 5 Nationals. There are many groundbreaking design concepts in the BeeHaus and I look forward to being able to put it into use in the new season and I'll keep you up to date on progress

beehaus - An Omleteer,

Good design,, but I would have expected insulated panels on the end of the supers. I have also a miss aligned super side panels which cause the compartment to twist and not sit square. It would appear that the holes are out of line. I also have a concern that the inspection panel in the base could blow out in a strong wind as it just sits in position, this could have been a tray which locked making it more secure and easy to inspect. thanks grahame

Beehaus Green review - An Omleteer,

My wife and I are experienced beekeepers and currently use a variety of hives. Most of our colonies are in Langstroth hives but we do have some in Poly Langstroth nucs, Apideas (queen raising) and National Nucs. We will hopefully be hosting Taster courses and Introduction to Beekeeping Courses in the near future with Omlet. We approached the Beehaus as if we were new beekeepers so last weekend we unpacked the Beehaus, read the assembly instructions and found it was very easy to put together and all the components fitted well. Even without beekeeping experience it would be straightforward. We found it does take two to lift it and it's a really nice height to work at, no bending down! The entrances are fitted with a metal cover and pleased to see that they've given thought to a wasp trap and the entrance can be closed off when required. Minor points: I think that the inspection tray may need to be secured in windy weather as it could blow away from underneath. A one piece queen excluder would be better if run as two hives but being in four parts it does give flexibility to run a nuc one side and full hive the other. Divider board is snug fit with the minor exception at the very top maybe a small piece of sponge will close the "bee space", this will only show when the bees are in the hive. Overall, we are impressed with the build quality and design of the beehaus, having now got my hands on an original copy of Robin Dartington's Long Deep Hive it all makes sense! I can't wait to get a colony running in it and then really test it out.

Beehaus - An Omleteer,

What can I say. It went together very well, it looks good at the end of my garden, I can't wait for the bees to fill it.

jr - An Omleteer,

Excellent product, well made. First class service with items delivered earlier than the quoted date. Looking forward to next spring and getting bees into the Beehaus, jr.

Green Beehaus - An Omleteer,

I have not yet assembled the hive - but have seen another fully assembled. All looks good and substantial. Hope the bees like it too!

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