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- Brian,

Excellent service. Item arrived very promptly

Verified Purchase: Feb 2019

no queen excluder on our and a gap at the bottom - Nicola,

There is a gap at the bottom of the Divider Board (which by the way is solid and does not have a removable Queen excluder, not available when we ordered our Beehaus in 2013 I guess?). The bees get under it to the other side and die or mix with the colony on the other side (which is not necessarily a problem?).

Verified Purchase: Mar 2020

Excellent - Kay,

A vast improvement on the Mk 1...we tried every way to make it work, but it just leaked bees. Mk2 has been designed well and manufactured to tight tolerances such that our very full and vibrant new colony has not found a way to get through.

Verified Purchase: May 2011

much better than version 1 - Caroline,

helpful addition to kit

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020