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Verified Reviews for Frames Brood Pack of 10

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Missing tacks - Lindsay, Kent,

Good frames but would have appreciated the tacks to put them together... 2

Strong Deep Brood Frames - Jayne, Kent,

The are deep National frames which meant that I had to buy extension kits for the brood frames that I received with my nucleus from a local supplier. It was not a problem but it is something to be aware of. The frames are well made and strong and they are relatively straightforward to put together. 2

easy to put together and use - Penny, Kent,

easy to put together and use well packaged and quickly delivered 2

Good - Kay, Kent,

Went together well, we nail and glue the upper joints and one side of the lower as nailing alone is not enough. 2

Pleasantly surprised... - Steve, Kent,

I have now bought some of these from Omlet, some from a large national retailer, and some from a local independent supplier - the Omlet frames have been much better quality than the other two, and at a better price, which was a very pleasant surprise! 2

Satisfactory. - Per, Kent,

Satisfactory - Fit for purpose. 2

Good quality - Hilary, Kent,

They seem to be good quality and should last. 2

Frames brood pack of 12 - An Omleteer,

Shipped as pack of 10, though ordered as advertised as a pack of 12. 2