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Reviews for Smoker Liquid Concentrate 250ml with Trigger Sprayer

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Not sure yet -

Can't quite work out whether this has the desired effect on the bees. Nice idea though - more testing required by me - the bees don't seem to vanish down into the frames quite as fast as they do when they get smoke over them.

Great and convenient. -

Very easy to use, better than traditional smoker (I couldn't keep it alight long enough) . My only problem was the way it was packaged, not very good as it leaked in transit, but I phoned and was sent replacement that was well packed and arrived intact. Thanks Omlet for a good product.

Great idea, possibly still needs a bit of work -

I thought the idea of liquid smoke rather than smokey smoke was brilliant,. I added the water and it does have a rather nice smokey smell(!). However, when I had another beekeeper come over and help me check my bees, he said that he thought it was going to stain the frames as the few sprays he gave made a slight mark on them. I've since gone out and bought a traditional smoker to use as I don't want my frames stained with the liquid smoke. I still think it's a great idea, but am going to be using the traditional smoker for a while yet I think.