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Reviews for Fruit Holder for Hutches and Cages

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Fruit kebabs - Greater Manchester,

The chickens love this for their fruit kebabs!

It’s so much easier to present food whilst keeping things tidy. -

Easy to use, helps keep my birds entertained, and inexpensive.


Very useful, I bought three and my hens no longer have to squabble over the treats strung up within easy reach.

Do the job. -

Keep greens etc off the floor to keep them clean for long enough for the chickens to have a good go at them before they pull them off.

Fruit Holder -

I pierce cabbage leaves onto the Fruit Holder and my girls absolutely love it. I am thinking of getting a second one so I can put fruit on it - then my girls can have a choice.

Fruit holder - Oxfordshire ,

The fruit holder is great for treats for the hens. It conveniently attaches anywhere on the run and the disc and screw bottom stops the fruit/veg from falling off. My only criticism is that it is smaller than expected and would have liked it to be a bit longer. Still a good buy though.

Chickens took to it straight away - Scottish Borders,

great for keeping fruit off the ground, tomatoes work really well. i would like one that is bigger

gone through 3 of these now!! -

this is such a great idea, but very badly designed! i have gone through 3 of these because of the small screw on end piece which if dropped, manages to completely disappear! also one of them i did the screw up much tighter than normal to stop it dropping off, and whilst trying to unscrew it, the apple shaped top piece actually twisted off, completely breaking it! so disappointing because it keeps apples etc off the floor and clean, hence why i have rebought this item when actually it probably isnt worth it. will be looking for something similar but more robustly made...

fruit holder -

found this to be very good for my hens, i just pop on an apple and it keeps them busy as they keep popping back to it to have a nibble, it hooks onto the run off the ground so keeps the apple clean too

Very handy item -

This has been very useful for keeping my hens larger pieces of fruit off of the ground.