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Reviews for Johnsons Scaly Leg Lotion

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good -

seems to be working, time will tell. Thankyou for excellent service

It worked like a charm -

The distorted scales are droping off and replaced with nornal ones Thank You

Very Good -

Pleased with this product. Easy to read instructions and also easy to apply.

Scaly leg spray - An Omleteer,

Dispatch time was very slow. However the product was excellent and I could see a huge reduction in the size of the scaly leg after only one or two applications. The pump spray action is good for 'taking aim and firing' on willful and reluctant chickens who won't hold still. Would recommend.

Scaly lotion - An Omleteer,

I have found the bottle far too small for even treating one hen as the legs need to be covered for effective treatment. I have since found far better sprays on the market which are far easier to use.

Scaly leg lotion - An Omleteer,

This doesn't seem to work for feathery footed bantams. I was previously using Vaseline and it had removed all traces of scaly leg. The condition returned when I started to use the lotion!