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Reviews for Igloo Snow Silica Gel Cat Litter 1.5kg

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Good points -

Pros - very absorbent great at masking any odours not overly expensive Cons - because it is very sand like in texture it does seem to track and then is quite difficult to see (depending on colour of floor surface)

Good product -

Good product... the best cat litter I have found.... would definitely recommend.

Product itself is fab -

I have tried this, along with many others, to use with my ScoopFree electric cat litter. To date this is the best litter I have found that is compatible with the machine. It scoops away easily, the litter is soft enough that the cats don't have any problems walking on it and there is no foul smells either bearing in mind this litter only gets changed weekly and is used by 2 male indoor cats! The only reason that this doesn't get 5* is due to the packaging from Omlet - each bag came in it's own box which resulted in a grumpy postman and a full recycling bin - I can't see why the order could not have been packaged in one big box!

Igloo snow silica gel cat litter - now our regular litter when in stock -

Moved across to this litter quite a few months ago and find it very good. It contains odours well and makes the process of clearing out the cat litter much easier and quicker.
Review for: Igloo Snow Silica Gel Cat Litter 10kg

Brilliant -

Used to buy this direct from Igloo themselves, both our cats love it no large pieces which stick in your feet as with the clay types. Easy to clear since the small grains go through scoops and using with the liners just tip tray out into bin then replace refill and ready to use in no time.
Review for: Igloo Snow Silica Gel Cat Litter 10kg

Great product -

Best cat litter ever used four cats Ten kg bag lasts over a month. No smell brilliant service too many thanks omlet . One very happy customer.
Review for: Igloo Snow Silica Gel Cat Litter 10kg

Igloo snow litter -

Brilliant litter I've tried nearly most of the silicia cat litter for my two indoor cats who use Petsafe scoopfree litter tray, and this is by far the best . My one cat won't use the tray after a couple of days with other litters but nearly a week on and she is still using the tray and the litter still look clean. Definitely buy again.
Review for: Igloo Snow Silica Gel Cat Litter 10kg

Great -

This cat litter is odourless even after a month and 3 cats. Fantastic product i order every month even longer but i know i won't use anything else. Omlet is fantastic in price, and delivery is free, superb service highly recommend..
Review for: Igloo Snow Silica Gel Cat Litter 10kg

Very Good Product -

I used this product not to put in my cats litter tray but as a moisture absorber in my car. A sock half filled with this product, closed off with an elastic band and placed on top of the dashboard does a fairly good job in keeping my inner windscreen clear of misting and moisture overnight. I am sure it would also be excellent for use by my cat as well.


Fast a great service
Review for: Igloo Snow Silica Gel Cat Litter 10kg

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